Reviews from Sam's first commercial


Sam booked his first commercial with AT&T and the reviews are in!

Rei Rei Domingo It's funny because he died...maybe make more gorish videos of people's limbs and heads and bodies all smushed or decapitated by car accidents due to driving while texting or distractions and you'll see results of people never text or use their phone ever again behind the wheel...

Jason Costa Hope this video is real and I hope that scumbag Never drives again

Russ Wills Fake video... Windshields don't break like that

Bradlee Marcy You can keep making your laws and such to try and stop this type of stuff from happening. Here's some heavy truth for you guys. It's not gonna stop. You can keep making your vids, keep making your laws, and keep trying your hardest to make this a real thing for people to understand and respect but they won't. We're not programmed that way. Does the make it ok? Of course not. Texting and driving is dangerous yes, but so is eating a three course meal from any fast food restaurant and you dont see ads against those. Another thing you can do while driving that's not illegal? Writing a letter. The ones making these driving laws wanna broad brush a issue like this, but undermine all the other things people do while driving and make people out to be horrible for doing it? Lol what a joke. Come back to me when you can come up with a way that actually works.

Prasad Maroju AT&T has some good commercials on using the phones while driving.... i wish all people followed these. at least as traffic rules...

Step 1- kiss your hand
step 2- say your crushes name
step 3- close your hand
step 4-say a weekday, for example monday
step 5- say your name
step 6- open your hand
step 7- repost this to 15 other pictures
result- your crush will say they like you on the day you choosed

Pat Hannan Dude probably should have listened to Scott....

Edward Peterson Should have been wearing his seat belt

Uriah Woody how many of these do we make before we let natural selection kill people who drive while on the phone?

Gho Sted Driving at 12oclock hand position is just as dangerous

Carlos Santos Cuyugan idiot

Charles Eunice Looked painful.

Chris Costello Hahaha. What a bag.

Rick Dufraine aawww goodbye ken